Language & Cultural Institutes

Diversity Global Language and Cultural Institutes

are intensive, generally 2 to 4-month long programs that focus on language acquisition and often have an internship or community engagement component. For most of these Institutes, no prior language experience is necessary, but students must be prepared for an intense, yet manageable and enjoyable, experience. Participants can expect to significantly and noticeably increase their language capabilities by the end of the program (i.e. complete beginner to conversational speaker).

Language and Cultural Institutes generally include international airfare, language course tuition, cultural contextualization workshops, room and board, visa support, transcripts, excursions, pre and post-program support, and comprehensive travel, medical, and cancellation insurance.

Programs are offered at industry-leading prices and are additionally eligible for many types of outside funding.

Current offerings include:


9 Weeks


Mandarin Chinese 

12 Weeks



9 Weeks




9 Weeks



8 Weeks



9 Weeks


All of these languages are designated “Critical Languages” by the State Department, meaning that there is a very high demand for American speakers of these languages. Additionally, our language institutes are designed to prepare students for acceptance into a number of prestigious fellowship, scholarship, and career training programs offered by the federal government as well as private foundations.

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