Language & Cultural Institutes

Diversity Global runs a series of intensive Language and Cultural Institutes in various countries every summer (inquire about Fall and Spring semester opportunities, if interested). Participants will live in a foreign country while taking a full-time load of intensive language courses. In some locations, there are internship and community project opportunities available as well.

Faculty-Led Programs

We run a number of study abroad courses on behalf of university professors, departments, and study abroad offices, led by faculty from various disciplines. Some of these programs are open to outside students, so that students from any university can apply! Check our social media or inquire directly with us for current faculty-led opportunities.

Short-Term Programs & Delegations

Diversity Global periodically leads delegations to some of the countries in which we work, made up of activists, journalists, academics, and writers, just to name a few! These delegations often have spots available for people to add on – these can be a great opportunity to network as well as to participate in fascinating projects alongside an eclectic mix of people, while having the opportunity to have an immersive, enlightening, and enjoyable travel experience.

We also design and run short-term courses on our own, through our grant programs as well as other initiatives. These short-term courses generally focus on a pressing current event or issue, and are often dialogue-based, bringing together prominent voices from different sides of these controversial issues and analyzing their divergent perspectives, with an emphasis on humanizing opposing viewpoints while trying to understand them.