Personal Growth

Dating back to the days of Plato and Aristotle, academia has been about holistic growth. 

We embrace this notion and make it a central goal for all of our programs.

New Knowledge

Through a Mixture of experiential learning, classroom instruction and service, 

students will acquire not only new knowledge, but depth of understanding of complex concepts 

that apply both to the host countries and at home.


We encourage and cultivate an environment of entrepreneurship in the communities we operate in 

as well as working with local small businesses whenever possible

Marketable Skills

In today’s society students need to be competitive in the job market. 

These meaningful international experiences make participants much more desirable to potential employers.

Community Projects

We partner with various NGOs, local universities, schools, and governments to collaborate on initiatives 

that address the needs of communities, and our participants often have the chance to work on these initiatives.

Conservation Efforts

The biggest asset that we all share as human beings is our planet, 

which is why we operate our business in the most sustainable way possible, in addition to working on initiatives

 in our host countries that help to preserve and protect the environment and to educate local populations

 about healthy habits that further these goals.