Japanese – Language & Cultural Institute

$7,995.00 $7,495.00

Osaka, Japan

9 weeks

All of our institutes include:

  • round-trip international airfare
  • tuition for all language and cultural courses
  • Diversity Global contextualization workshops
  • accommodation and daily breakfast
  • visa support for required visas and entry permits, if applicable
  • course certificates and transcripts, if applicable
  • curated excursions
  • optional internship and/or service project
  • individualized orientations and pre and post-program support
  • financial literacy workshop
  • comprehensive travel, medical, and cancellation insurance


Diversity Global is offering our Japanese Language and Cultural Institute, an annual summer program running from June to August in Osaka, Japan.

(From the State Department) “Japan has been known for decades as one of the world’s cultural, technological, and economic hubs and has long drawn students fascinated with the country’s combination of millennia old traditions and stunning modern prowess across countless fields. Learning Japanese offers not only the opportunity to experience firsthand the beautiful culture and people of this island nation, but to build a career around its long-standing social and economic importance worldwide.

The Japanese language will give you a competitive edge among Americans seeking to engage in East Asia’s booming global market. Furthermore, Japanese language proficiency and cultural knowledge will give you the ability to form successful cross-cultural partnerships with Japanese people and in fields of study as diverse as architecture, politics, medicine, and literature.”

Our institute takes place over the summer, and consists of an intensive Japanese language course provided in collaboration with a major university, trips and cultural activities around Japan including the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara, mountain temples, and hot spring towns, and our signature Diversity Global Contextualization Workshops, which look at, among other themes, East Asian geopolitics, the importance of the US-Japan relationship, and ways to maximize the benefits of this exciting program going forward.


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