Mandarin Chinese (Taiwan) – Language & Cultural Institute

$7,495.00 $6,995.00

Taipei, Taiwan

12 weeks (Summer Program)

All of our institutes include:

  • round-trip international airfare
  • tuition for all language and cultural courses
  • local cultural contextualization workshops
  • accommodation and daily breakfast
  • visa support for required visas and entry permits, if applicable
  • course certificates and transcripts, if applicable
  • curated excursions
  • optional internship and/or service project
  • individualized orientations and pre and post-program support
  • financial literacy workshop
  • comprehensive travel, medical, and cancellation insurance


Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken native language in the world, with roughly a billion native speakers. It is also one of the official languages at the United Nations, as well as being a lingua franca for much of East Asia. In the United States, by contrast, only around 2% of the population can communicate in Mandarin, with the vast majority being native or heritage speakers. Thus, there is a huge demand for speakers of Mandarin as a second language, particularly in business and foreign affairs.

Mandarin is also on the short list of languages classified as “Critical Languages” by the US State Department.

Diversity Global’s Mandarin Language and Cultural Institute places participants in Taipei, the modern, bustling yet charming capital of the Republic of China, for an intensive 12-week program. Students will have the opportunity to stay with a local Taiwanese family for the duration, and will study at one of Taiwan and East Asia’s premier universities in the center of Taipei. The program is designed to fast-track the language learning process, with particular emphasis on becoming conversationally proficient in the language.


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