Diversity Global places its programs in some of the most attractive destinations in the Western Hemisphere. Below are locations where we have programs.

South America

Country: Galapagos/Ecuador
Cities/Regions: Quito (Andes), Galápagos Islands, Ecuadorian Coast
Upcoming Programs: Winter 2020


Country: Cuba
Cities/Regions: Havana; Santiago de Cuba
Upcoming Programs: Spring, Summer 2020


Cities/Regions: Santo Domingo, Samana
Upcoming Programs: Summer, Winter 2020


Country: Puerto Rico
Cities/Regions: San Juan, Dorado, Aguadilla
Upcoming Programs: Spring 2020



Country: South Africa
Cities/Regions: Cape Town
Upcoming Programs: Summer 2020

Country: Morocco
Cities/Regions: Marrakech
Upcoming Programs: Summer 2020

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