Our Mission

Diversity Global believes in improving living conditions, spreading goodwill to, and helping maximize the capacity of the most under-served, vulnerable populations in the developing world as well as right here in the United States. We are committed to developing future leaders while instilling awareness about some of the struggles facing the developing world and cultivating a sense of shared responsibility for confronting these issues. We also believe in the value and utility of language acquisition, and we make this a centerpiece of our academic programs and many of our volunteer programs.

We at Diversity Global go about addressing these goals by serving as a bridge between communities in need and those willing and able to lend a hand. We take a holistic approach to this mission, not simply constructing buildings and organizing medical, educational, and relief missions, but engaging community leaders and tapping into available expertise in order to develop long-term, sustainable plans – in other words, we ensure that your goodwill is applied to meaningful projects. We don’t just believe in building communities – we believe in using our gifts to enable communities to build and sustain themselves. Whether you’re looking for service work, education, research opportunities, team and leadership-building, or some combination of all those, Diversity Global can help you do that in the context of meaningful community-building.

Our Team

George D. Williams is the Founder and Managing Director of Diversity Global. With years of experience studying in and working with underserved communities in Washington D.C., Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and Havana, Cuba, during his years as a student at Howard University, he is an experienced advocate of international development and educational programming. In addition, George went through intense training in the Simultaneous Interpretation Unit at Howard University to become a translator and interpreter in the Spanish and Portuguese languages. He is passionate about using his experiences to equip young people with coveted language skills, perspective-altering service opportunities, and eye-opening international experiences.

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